Design and optimisation

I design innovative boats, classic boats and all kinds of boats from fishing dories to racing yachts. The common theme is that they all have to perform well according to the owners needs.

Coming, initially from a background  as a boatbuilder I have a very practical approach to design. We use specialist composite engineers to crunch the numbers for structures and can design any kind of boat to suit your needs.

A small selection of our designs:

Itchy Feet, 13M launched 1992 – innovative and fast she is a giant killer in the right conditions.

K2/Nikau, 14m launched 1995 – innovative and fast, waterballasted “monomaran”

Slant 6 – 14m cant keeler – design only

Kitboat 420 – 4.2m flat bottom fishing dory that handles suprisingly well even in rough sea – this is a great boat for watching/supporting dinghy racing and will plane fully with a 5hp outboard and one person.

TT230 – A prototype 2.3m tender that can be towed, sailed and motored